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Welcome to The Seed Collective

The Seed Collective is a health & wellbeing consultancy specialising in providing in-home support services to individuals & families experiencing a life transition.  These experience's can range from expecting your first child to experiencing a family illness to supporting you at end of life.


The time is now to enlist the support of a doula as we enter these unprecedented times. It is our commitment to you that we will be on the front foot of infection control, non-contact deliveries where applicable to ensure the health and safety of our communities. Doula support is an essential service, if you would like more information please send us an email.


 The Seed Collective has evolved to meet the needs of our clients. Initially we supported families specifically going through the new parenting journey but it has been throughout my experiences of supporting families beyond the postpartum period of having a child that has led me to expanding the much needed offering of in-home support for any life transition.

Our life's journey has many twists and turns, some things we happily and joyfully plan for while other experiences thrust us into the complete unexpected with no way of knowing how to navigate the terrain we now find ourselves facing.  The simplest of tasks can now be cause of great overwhelm as our bodies go into fight or flight and our stress hormones go through the roof.

It is during these times more emotional support is needed to provide the help that is needed for those effected to adjust to the new environment they find themselves in or simply provide peace of mind knowing someone is walking along side you unconditionally.


With so much to think about my team are there to make your journey less overwhelming and more supported by helping you with what you need at the time, and those needs can change day to day.   That is why I created The Seed Collective - to provide a place that has a range of services that can meet your needs that will cover all aspects of life's transitions.


Your Precious Postpartum Planning Evenings

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Head over to Meals 4 Mummas to register for my free online postpartum planning evening.
What you will gain:
An understanding of what postpartum is and get my 4 components of what to consider when making a postpartum plan and so much more... A must for an expectant parent.

Doula Support

What type of person would make your life easier right now? Our doulas are not tasked to do just one thing but have the breadth of vision and experience to offer emotional support with practical support in any area you need that will help your family thrive.


Work With Me

Learn about the tailored birth programs and services I offer.

Why The Seed Collective?

The Seed Collective was established by founder Jenna Logan in 2017 and was born out of the need to have a centralised place where women and families could go when planning for a baby.  There are many different services and offerings out there but knowing what is available in a timely fashion is difficult when this terrain has not been navigated before.

So Jenna got to it after having her first child, Willow in 2014. "It became all consuming to me to create a service that could assist women in making decisions and knowing what their options were for birth".

Jenna had her second child, Riley not long after launching this offering and relocated to the Central Coast from Sydney NSW.

Jenna has over 6 years experience of supporting women and families in all settings of birth. She trusts birth and women and knows what they are capable of when the support is in line with that woman's wishes and it is Jenna's role to extract that and ensure all around her know and preserve the environment for the birthing woman. Partner support is also a important part of birth and knowing how to support them and give great tools and understanding along with reassurance that all is well during birth is an area that I am well versed in.


Having evolved in its service offering many times due to conflicting prioritize of giving birth herself one more time and learning her role as a mother here we are with where the services lie of The Seed Collective - a holistic wellbeing space that offers in-home and on-line pregnancy, birth and postpartum services specializing in doula support, placenta encapsulation and postpartum planning and support workshops.


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Our Promise

At The Seed Collective we promise to provide professional support and guidance to you, during your life transition. Our role is to walk along side you and be a pillar of emotional, physical and spiritual stength while being an educational and resourceful resource to assist you in decision making and tasks that are a head.

The Seed Collective promises to provide unconditional support throughouout time together.


Meet Our Founder Jenna

Jenna grew up in Auckland, NZ and moved to Australia in 2004 to experience her Aussie roots and has never looked back. She met her love and now husband Al and they have three children, Willow, Riley & Micah.


In 2014, Jenna Logan had a vision after having her daughter, Willow,  that she would be working with women & families to help prepare them for the journey of becoming a mother and the birthing of their babies.

Jenna had a dream to provide full health and wellbeing services for mums & dads to be.

It has been through this journey that Jenna has expanded her service offering to providing the  much needed in-home support to individuals and families going through a life transition.


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Opening Hours

 MONDAY: Mum Day


THURSDAY: 10-3pm



SUNDAY: Family Day



Central Coast, NSW for face to face doula support

Australia Wide for Online Coaching

Sydney, Newcastle, Central Coast for Placenta Encapsulation 


TEL: 0415 635 857