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1:1 Sessions with Jenna

Join Jenna at one of her tailored sessions to support where you are in your journey.

Chat with a Doula -

Why book a chat with a doula session with Jenna?

Giving birth is a major life transition.  These transitions can present many unforeseen challenges and feelings.  Our modern society is not particularly good at holding space for newly pregnant or newborn mamas and parents.  The pace of life and conflicting prioritise can overshadow the needs of those navigating their new parenting journey.

There are a lot of new feelings, thoughts and emotions to navigate as well as the terrain of all the decision making in unchartered waters.

Bringing a baby into the world is like having a bright light shone on all areas of your life - all of a sudden everything seems illuminated - sense's are heightened, exhaustion is real, and things you thought you had 'dealt' with seem to pop up again.  Your body and baby knows what you are about to embark on and is trying to prepare you. Are you giving yourself enough space and time to honour those feelings, thoughts and emotions?


Here are some questions and statements to ask yourself. If you are answering no to these, then a session with me would really benefit you without having to engage me as your doula!

  • Can I confidently advocate for myself?

  • Do I know how I want to birth?

  • Am I managing with the demands of life and pregnancy?

  • I have coping strategies to deal with the fears I am facing

  • Have I debriefed my previous birth experience(s)?

  • Me and my partner are on the same page?

  • I have a vision and am confidently working towards it

  • I am confident with my birth support team

  • I know what my needs will be as a Mother with a newborn

  • Conversations with friends and family are leaving me feel nourished, seen and supported

  • I know how I am going to approach life with a newborn and my toddler

  • I have strong boundaries and self care for myself

  • I am confident in how I have prepared for this birth

Our Workshops & Womens Circles

Postpartum Planning Workshop - This workshop is a group session designed for a intimate group of 4 couples to learn about what life is likely to be like once baby arrives. This workshop covers postpartum healing, traditions, the needs of the Mother and family unit and ultimately how to design your postpartum so you feel confident welcoming your baby earth-side. We have so many distractions in our modern world and when pregnant it is obvious that your focus is on pregnancy and giving birth, often your postpartum becomes an after thought or that thing on your to do list that you didn't get to. Carving out 2 hours to get the foundations of how to optimise your postpartum is a way to bring a realistic approach that also offers tools for your mental health. 

This 2 hour session lays the foundation for Mother and Partner with practical tools and resources to get your environment prepared and have a plan of what those first days and weeks will look like with your precious new born.

As spaces are limited don't delay booking to avoid disappointment.


Umina Beach Yoga visit website for dates

Coastal Wellness Cottage - East Gosford Check  book here

Pregnancy Loss Circle - I have been guided to bring this circle to Central Coast Mama's and am doing so at the beautiful space created by Zoe at the Coastal Wellness Cottage, East Gosford. Be held in a safe space to process, share and work through your feelings of pregnancy loss. This is an experience that effects many of us, yet goes unspoken about or really felt for us to heal from the grief and devastation that we feel.  If you have experienced pregnancy loss as any stage of gestation this circle is for you. It does not matter when this occurred in your life's journey, all are welcome.  Given the nature of this circle their is a booking form to complete and limited spots available so I at the facilitator can confidently hold space for you all.

Times: Monthly on a Thursday evening at the Coastal Wellness Cottage, bookings here

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