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New Parenting Journey Support - from preconception to bringing your baby home


Work With Me

I have developed a range of specific services that will meet your needs at every step of your new parenting journey.  My aim is to have your feeling confident, prepared, at ease, informed and supported as you navigate this terrain and find the support that is best going to support you and your growing family. 

I run private in home sessions that are tailored to you.  

If you are unsure about what you 'should' be doing or feeling overwhelmed with the choices you have to make contact me for a free 30 minute phone consultation.  Sometimes speaking to an impartial person is the nudge you need to help you gain clarity on what you want.

                       My Services



Birth Doula Support & Postpartum Doula Support

My role as your doula is to provide unconditional emotional support to ensure your wellbeing and confidence in your journey throughout our time together. I am equipped with knowledge on all aspect of pregnancy, giving birth and the needs of a newborn Mother. I aim to impart this knowledge to you during our sessions together before your baby's birthday arrives and if I am your postpartum doula - I aim to help you adjust to your new normal with feelings of ease and peace as you find your way.  A question I get a lot is how do partners feel about doulas?  I answer with this, we are a team. My role is to predominantly support Mum but it is also to offer support to the partner. This is key as it is your experience together and feeling positive about it together is really important. We work together and I don't interfere with the role of the partner which is unique and special in its on rite.  To learn more about my packages click below.  To avoid disappointment book early as I only take on a limited number of clients per month.

Placenta Encapsulation

Is becoming more popular in our western society. More celebrities are endorsing the profound benefits and more importantly this natural method of assisting Mumma after childbirth. This ancient remedy is getting the air time it deserves.  I am a certified plantcentophagy specialist.   There are some unqualified people out there and we take our role seriously to uphold the health & safety of preparing your placenta.  Consuming your placenta is a personal choice and if it is one that is going to give you confidence and a peace knowing you are doing something positive for your postpartum period then go for it.  Learn more and find booking forms on the button below.

Birth Preparation & Intentions Setting Session

This 2.5 hour private session is designed to meet the needs of expectant parents who want a tailored approach to support them in gaining the tools and knowledge to birth there baby with confidence, trust and empowerment. Knowing how you want to birth your baby and then how to do that is a potent form of clarity to have.  By doing this session you will gain just that and much more. To learn more or make an enquiry use the buttons below.

Bringing Baby Home - Postpartum planning session

This 4 hour package is designed to help you feel confident, prepared, organised and most importantly at ease as you move to the next phase of your new parenting journey and bring your baby home!  The first 2.5 hours is done antenatally - I recommend anytime from 30 weeks.  When I designed this session I used my experience of being a Mum of two along with my postpartum specific training and the result is a session that will leave you feeling like you have a great foundation and have key areas mapped out but above all else the self-belief and confidence to parent your way with some special things to do to welcome your baby home and practice conscious parenting.  Once your precious baby is born, I come either to your home or hospital to support you adjust to your new normal.  For session content & pricing click on the learn more button  or enquire now.

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