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The Holistic Birth & Parenting Collective 

"The New Parenting Journey/, all aspects of creating and having a child, every time you have a new baby you are experiencing the new parenting journey." 

“Providing complete nourishment, support and empowerment throughout your pregnancy, birth and post-partum period”


Now that you are going to be bringing a little person into the world the decisions you make feel even more grand than ever before. You are now responsible for another life and the responsibility isn't lost on you.  Where do you start, knowing that you want the best care, resources and expertise available.

Would you like to feel…

                        Supported in your decisions and on which steps to take

                        That you have a trusted relationship with your birth and support team

                        Confident and in control of what to do when bringing baby home

                        Empowered and supported throughout the whole birth journey

We all found the current model of care to be disjointed and difficult to find the knowledge, support and practitioners aligned to our values. There was no continuity of care throughout “The New Parent Journey” which includes everything from preconception, pregnancy, birth and the first year of your new ones arrival.

Who are we?

We bring over 25 years of birth and parenting experience along with an insatiable passion to work with women and families to help you reach your goals.  We create a relaxed and open environment to support you throughout the new parent journey.


About our Events?

Our events are designed with you in mind, our new parents.  We create a safe, non-judmental, supportive space with experienced birth workers, midwives, educators that come ready to share their knowledge to give you what you are looking for. It is a conversation on any one topic, where you will get tools and resources to take away. But where our conversation could lead is really based around what you need.  Essentially we are bringing birth education to you in a more tailored and relaxed way.

Who is it for?

Anyone who is experiencing the new parenting journey. If you are planning on becoming a parent, are pregnancy or have a little one.  These gatherings are designed for you. 

Why come?


Do you have questions about certain topics and want to get concentrated information on them and how to feel empowered, confident while developing a network of practitioners who will be your support for the months and years to come?  This is a great way to build your 'A' team of go to practitioners who are the leaders in their field on the Central Coast.  Delicious and nutritious snacks and beverages will be served, and who doesn't like some good nourishing food!

Are you ready to take the leap and have a team of dedicated birth workers join you on your new parenting journey?  Here is our offer to you!

Our Unique Package

Because having continuity of care is proven to improve your birth outcomes and you are more likely to feel the way you had envisaged regardless of the ups and downs that bringing a baby into the world can bring.


“Together we have birthed 4 babes and have experienced first hand the challenges that we are now working with you in the hopes to have you feeling more confident, prepared, empowered, relaxed and supported as you move through your new parenting journey”

The holistic birth and parenting collective has you covered.  You will get:

1.     A pregnancy/fertility coach, Jenna Logan will work with you throughout our time together and will develop a tailored wellbeing program for you and your family to ensure your goals are being met.

2.     Childbirth Education with Hypnobirthing practitioner Katie Kempster

3.     Postpartum Planning - Bringing Baby Home - 2.5 hour in home preparation session and 2 hour in home/hospital after bub is born to provide support in those first days.


You will also become a part of our unique community and invited to our free New Parent Gatherings along with our Facebook group.  This is a place to uplift, support, listen, encourage and most of all a place that is non-judgmental and somewhere you look forward to coming as we know you have chosen to spend your precious time with us.


We work together with a holistic approach to ensure your experience is all that you desire and hope for.  After all it is all about you and this is your experience.


Are you ready to make your journey a positive and uplifting experience?

Are you interested but have a few more questions? Click below to send a email to be contacted.


Manifesto of Service

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