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Setting the Tone for 2017

I was feeling stuck and icky as year end was fast approaching. I could feel a change happening and a message I was to get but hadn’t quite heard the voice I needed to guide me.

Instead the voice in my head was telling me that come 2017 I have to push, push hard for the next 5 months before baby #2 arrives to make sure I kick my goals. WHAT!!!

I have just spent the best part of 2016, unraveling and deconstructing the masculine energy that dominated my being due to my want to succeed and not knowing how to embrace my feminine powers.

So now that I fully felt and lived in my feminine I wanted to push her to the side and instead go with ease, just go hard?

What I know going hard does to me personally:

It does not serve me or my family. It leads to feelings of self-importance & an arrogance and ego overload.I am happy to say I am learning a new way and am happy that I got the memo that my soul was trying to share with me.

Being able to catch myself in what my old patterns were is what it is all about for me. I am evolving, we all are and we don’t need to be perfect.

Move with the current for me means I can go forth and kick goals but do it with ease and with the mindset that one action will lead to the next without stressing on the outcome. I trust the process.

So this year I MOVE WITH THE CURRENT and do all things with ease.

Much love to you all in your intentions for 2017. May this be your best year yet.


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