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"You deserve a doula ladies!!" Jenny's 1st hand birth experience.

I'd always dreamed of a water birth. It sounded so serene. Well, it's not as it turns out, because birthing is an animalistic raw experience, but certainly was a world away from the place of fear I got lost in during the birth of my first child. I can honestly say that without Jenna as my doula I could not have achieved a water birth. She had faith in my capabilities when I had given up on myself. Her unwavering support was invaluable.

Facing the birth of my second child was challenging. I didn't have the benefit of ignorance this time round.

My firstborn was a traumatic birth that featured stirrups, forceps, an episiotomy, a post-partum haemorrhage and my daughter being resuscitated and going to newborn ICU. This time round I knew I needed a doula's assistance to facilitate a sense of control and relaxation during the birth and that's exactly what Jenna did.

Right from our arrival in hospital she advocated for us and enabled me to make my own decisions in a pressure free environment. Her interventions were always timely, nurturing and enabling. She immediately established the environment we desired with mood lighting, scents and affirmations.

She promoted my choice making, allowing me extra time to settle into this new environment before examination. Also just the simple act of giving the midwife our birth plan on arrival was a very important act. I would not have felt bold enough to do this independently in my role as the 'patient' in the hospital setting, but as my advocate, Jenna immediately contextualised the experience by placing my requests at the heart of what was about to unfold.

The midwives were amazing and did everything in their power to promote my wishes based on this document that Jenna and I created. My husband also said he felt confident to follow her example during the birth and was then able to partner me in a meaningful way throughout the labour.

Because I had a doula, I had the team I needed, the water birth I had always hoped for and the perfect start to my son's life. I have been recommending having a doula to all my friends. You deserve a doula ladies!!

Thank you Jenna.

Love Jen XX

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