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Postpartum.. lets talk about it

With so much emphasis on the pregnancy journey it can be easy to forget about what you may need as a new mum then all of a sudden the reality of newborn duties are upon you. The rollercoaster of demand feeding while still learning how to breastfeed... that’s right I said learning how to breastfeed as it is not a given but is learned and takes time :) If you aren’t waking numerous times during the night to feed your little one, you are pouncing out of bed like wonder women at the unfamiliar sounds that your newborn is making. This is normal however it can take its toll if we as new mothers are not supported during this transformative time.

This is not a new concept and throughout history there has been an emphasis on caring for our newborn mums. There are many different traditions across the various cultures however we have lost touch with these tried and true methods. It’s time to bring them back.

Here are a few stats & statements that don’t get enough airtime and as a result our postpartum period is not supported with the attention it deserves.

· ¼ of women suffer from Postnatal Depression (PSDM)

· PSDM is the leading cause of female suicide in Australia.

· With our increased ability to travel and live away from family support we have lost the generational transference of knowledge from our elders.

· As an industry we fail to talk about the way our women give birth and its impacts on our postpartum period. Medical interventions can have a lasting impact on our postpartum journey.

· We have more pressures on us from a career & financial perspective than ever before. Stress is a big factor in recovery.

How you recover directly effects your baby. Lets start the conversation on how we can create more support within our networks and where we may need to engage help to support us.

With love and thanks to all our Newborn Mums xx

Our postpartum support programs are designed to relieve anxiety and feelings of being overwhelmed by supporting newborn mums to have you feeling confident and safe in the knowing that you are doing the right things, your way.

We love working with new families to create strategies and support tools to cope as you are adjusting to your as a parent.

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