Life continues as Covid-19 ramps up

As it seems inevitable that our country will be in full lock down or as I am going to call it the 'slow down' I have been assessing what an essential service is and as outlined anyone who is still working during the covid-19 pandemic is an essential service. A doula will take the pressure off our medical system by offering essential emotional support and we have clients we have been supporting before the corona virus arrived.

Which leads me to talk about the doula support we (I) provide women, families and the elderly. Life is continuing for the people I am supporting; they are going through a life transition of their own that requires support and now is not the time to pull the rug from under them as many government services have done.

I am supporting women for the birth of their child - some first timers who are feeling such added anxiety due to the corona virus that they need a steadying support person who can not only provide relevant information but help protect them from over exposure to information that is not going to serve them at this time but continue to revel in the beauty of carrying their baby and protecting their energy and growing baby. I also support the partners to help them stay out of fear to keep their anxieties at bay or provide tools to support them both during this time. Not to mention essential continuity of care throughout their journey. This is crucial if our birthing community is going to feel confident and SAFE #1 when it is time to welcome there little one into the world. I have already been speaking to women who want a natural birth but are scared of the uncertainty and contemplating a C-section as it gives them a sense of control. A doula helps provide this as we walk the journey with you.

Not to mention those going through another life transition and these unprecedented times does not mean those people needing additional emotional, physical, mental and spiritual support is no longer needed. But now more than ever we must rally together and continue to support wherever we can. We must protect our communities and doulas can be the missing link if you like or shining light to continue to serve in non-medical roles.

The role of a doula lessens the load for medical staff as we are there with our clients and their patients to provide the emotional support that is so often underestimated in the value it provides. Being able to talk through feelings, fears and anxieties is often the best support someone can get however medical staff cannot provide this as they are a resource already stretched to the limit.

We are not there to do the role of a doctor or midwife but simply support unconditionally and provide continuity of care for our clients. Being able to offer education, empowerment to make informed decisions and simply walk along side for the duration of our time together to create safety, support and connection makes the role of a doula during this time an essential service.

The role of a doula is not limited to birth and postpartum support and here at The Seed Collective we have adapted to support through every life transition including an unplanned event, illness or end of life support.

Join us on one of our upcoming online talks to share information, create connection and support community during this time.

With love, hope and health.

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