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Birth & Postpartum Doula Support & Placenta Encapsulation Central Coast, NSW


Mother Blessing

A Mother Blessing is a celebration of the Mother-to-be.  It focus's on her as she prepares herself to enter the sacred space of birthing her baby. 


Why have one

A Mother has the most important role on the planet. Growing, birthing, raising our future generations - It's no small task and one that used to have a village mentality to support the new Mother so she could fully recover and learn her role as a new Mother. We are short of support in our modern world and it only contributes to new Mothers feeling isolated and alone as they traverse this intense period in their lives. The Mother often gets forgotten once the baby arrives & baby becomes the focus for everyone who may be around.  A Mother blessing changes that focus and honors the Mother-to-be to bring her nearest and dearest together, remembering how to care for a newborn Mother so she can do her role which is to care for her baby. It allows her to soften and feel the love and support of the women in her life so she can enter this sacred birthing space knowing she has women by her side ready to support her in her precious postpartum.


What does a Mother Blessing provide for the Mother-to-be

It removes distractions for the Mother-to-be in that she is present as she is the focus. It allows her to get present and prepare for her path ahead and be blessed and celebrated by the women in her life. 

The energy of the day holds space for her birthing day and lays the foundation for her postpartum. Those women who are in attendance meet her with reverence and support in the way of food, playdates, extra pair of hands in the home, emotional support and knowing how to be the perfect postpartum support. We are in a phase of time where we are going through an enormous remembering of how things used to be and allowing ourselves to bring these traditions back into our homes for us and future generations. 

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