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Rites of Passage

What is a rite of passage?

Rites of passage are ceremonies that mark an individual's progression from one stage of life to another. Examples of life cycle events include birth, puberty, the transition to adulthood, and marriage, as well as sacred or secular initiations.

It has been through my own life experiences that have continued to guide me on the work I am to do in this world. There are no mistakes. When I look at my experiences and what parts of my life could have been done better it all comes down to how I felt about my body and what became a separation from myself - my body. Without knowing fully the wonders of how my body worked and why I became dissociative and disconnected. 


The life transitions of birth, puberty, transition to adulthood and so on are the first major golden opportunities to honor the life's journey you are on.  It is here and how they are initiated that impacts how they move through life, their creative process and how they feel about and are connected to their body's.

Lets live our best life.

Join me as we reclaim for ourselves what may not have happened for us so we can then be better for future generations - our children and all children.


Each rite of passage presents three phases 

1. The separation - removal or leaving of the familiar

2. The transition - a time of testing, learning and growth

3. The return - incorporation and integration


In order to do these with full impact, we must create an environment conducive to the event. Seek understanding of why honoring this time is so important to the persons development and ensure we are ready to hold space as they navigate this new terrain they are traversing.


Birth & Postpartum Doula Support & Placenta Encapsulation Central Coast, NSW

Let’s Work Together

If you or a child or person you know is going through a life transition, a mile stone, moving into her womanhood, showing signs of becoming a man lets chat in how our rites of passage rituals support these transitions to have them emerge feeling proud, confident and equipped to walk through their life.  Rites of passage honors the transition they are going through with a concrete recognition that is a crucial part to that persons being seen and heard as they develop into the next part of their evolutionary life cycle.

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