Doula Support


Did you know?

That having a doula is not just limited to birth or end of life doula support?


Doula a greek term meaning “woman/person of service”.

Doulas are full of wisdom, love and ultimately driven to serve the people they have the honor of working with.


We are non-medically trained. Our role is to provide non-judgemental emotional, physical, mental and spiritual support. 

The Seed Collective's doulas are not only trained in the key qualities that a doula must possess in order to go into someone's home and come with a wealth of knowledge and experience in other health and wellbeing modalities such as yoga, naturopathy, nutrition, early childhood, nursing, massage and counselling.


In our modern world doulas are needed in varying life transitions.

A doulas training is centred around the gaining the ability to hold space and offer non-judgemental support while being able to build relationships and become a trusted advisor with capabilities to help you or your family thrive.

A doula is a smart way to ensure that you have the information and support you need to make empowered decisions for you and your family.  Having a confidant who is on your side, not there to judge but to support and pick up the slack for you in anyway that is going to add value are some of the reasons why a doula is the type of support you need.


All doula programs and fees vary depending on the type and duration of time together.



You can choose from the following:

Pregnancy Doula

Works with the Mother & partner throughout your pregnancy and for the birth of your baby. Our Doula’s will start working with you from 12 weeks but will take you on late in your pregnancy also. It is important to note the pre-work done is a very crucial part of a doulas work.  If you are having a elective cesarean you can still have a doula.



Sibling Doula

Do you already have children and want them to have some input, understanding and experience of your birth?  A sibling doula is dedicated to your child(s) needs throughout your labour. They are equipped to explain the process, play age appropriate games and help the child(s) have their own important role.


Postpartum Doula

Our postpartum packages are designed to support families adjust the new normal of bringing a new baby home. From ensuring mum heals, bonds and establishes her milk supply to working along side your partner and subsequent children to may have to make sure everyones needs are being met and Mum keeps that oxytocin flowing.

Life Transition Doula

Life throws us many curve balls and somethings we don't have all the answers or enough time to manage and organise the many moving parts that a new transition or life experience can mean for us. Whether you require supoort to care for your children while going through an illness to managing a relocation to a new city to caring for aging parents.  There is not type of life tansition that a doula is unable to support your through.


End of Life Doula

End of Life Doula is someone who provides support, resources and options to people with a life-limiting diagnosis or those planning for and/or approaching their end of life and/or those close to them.

Our Doula

Jenna completed her Doula training through The Australian Doula College and was trained by world renowned Renee Adair, she has also completed her Postpartum Doula Training with Newborn Mothers and is a IPEN Accredited & Trained Placenta Specialist, she has her Certificate in Nutrition for fertility, pregnancy and postpartum and has her diploma in Sporting Performance.


About Jenna Doula & Chieft Doula Connector

“Empowered Life Experiences”


I believe in having choices and to have choices we must first know what they are. 

We live in a world where we to often blindly trust what we have been told without trusting our own instincts

or have done our own research. I love educating and sharing knowledge so you can make empowered and informed choices in a safe and supported environment.

I love working with women and families that want to make their health & wellbeing a priority and life there best life.

Having the emotional support to tend to the experience you are facing can be the difference between thriving or surviving. Having a doula allows you to have that necessary emotional support that provides you with the confidence to navigate the terrain you are facing.


It is crucial for me that I make the best matched doula to you and what life transition you are going through.  The more information I have about you allows me to do that.

Providing a safe place for you to explore your feelings, emotions and assist you where necessary in planning a path ahead is what I love about this work as without having this leaves a massive gap in reaching your outcome.


I come from a family where I was blessed with two sisters – we have most certainly had own moments over the years but what I have learned and what I know, is the importance of sisterhood; the supporting & cheerleading of each others experiences; holding the space and respecting one another’s choices and being able to do it without judgment but with love.


I can do this for other women because of the rich experiences I have had and because I have been doing it my whole life.

I now have the specific training behind me to offer the knowledge that my clients are craving. 

It is also through my 15 years experience in the recruitment industry and having my own business that gives me the ability in ensuring this model of care works with you and The Seed Collective's team of doulas.


It would be my honour to walk beside you as you experience your sacred journey.

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