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Postpartum Support


Your postpartum journey is so important and I want you to feel at ease about the journey ahead.  Are you feeling anxious, unsure & limited with the support you have from friends and family? Adjusting to life as a new family takes time and as you heal from your birth I want to provide you with the support to be the Mother you want to be.   Our postpartum programs are designed to give you the support you need to heal and bond with your baby, support your family members as you find your 'new normal' and assist where needed.  This is a crucial area that requires just as much attention as the gestation period and our packages are here to help you feel at ease and nothing but peace and joy.

History of postpartum:

Ancient traditions would have it that the new mother would have a confinement period or golden month as some refer to it to completely nourish and support the mum in every way.  In our modern society some practices are redundant but many are still present in different cultures today.  We have different pressures and constraints which make it difficult to create the support or the ease to ask for the support we need.  Our packages provide this support and it is a powerful way to give you the time to get to know your baby on your terms and in a way that empowers you on your parenting journey.  Partners also love knowing that Mum is at home being taken care of while they have to go back to work.

It is such an emotional time and you all are learning new skills and getting to know one another while going through the biggest transformation of your life.  You owe it to yourself to give you all the best start in the next phase of your journey.  Talk to us today to see how you can set yourself up for a postpartum period that will support the needs of you and your precious family.

Bringing Baby Home - In home preparation and planning program

What you get:

2.5 hour in home planning session done antenatally

2 hour in home once baby is born

A preparation guide to helping you adjust to your new normal with ease and self-belief.

Elemental Space Clearing of baby's room

Took kit and resources to support your precious postpartum

Breastfeeding support

Baby wrapping, Baby Massage, Nutrition for healing and breastfeeding

Belly Binding

Investment $333

Book now to avoid disappointment

Postpartum Programs

Ongoing Support

We have packages available that can be designed based on your needs.  Recent research shows that it takes a Mum 12 months to recover from giving birth at which the more support she has during this time allows her and her family to have an experience where they can handle the ups and downs of parenthood with ease and a perspective that empowers her to adjust to her new role.

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