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We need community care, not just self-care

We have all heard it before, 'it takes a village' but what does that actually mean? I'm sure you have also heard l ' i wish someone told me [fill in the blank]? or No one ever tells you about [fill in the blank]?

My experience has shown me that we do generally share some of the fill the blanks with Mummas while they are pregnant but they are focussed on the pregnancy and birth that they don't hear those bits as it doesnt seem directly in front of them.. But the pregnancy and birth is and that seems big enough without thinking about what there postpartum period will be like or how they would like it to be.

The Postpartum period is the immediate 6 weeks or 40 days after your baby is born.

Most of the time partners have 2 weeks off after the baby arrives. It is as if those 2 weeks is enough time for her, the new mumma to find her flow when in reality the healing alone after birth takes a minimum of 6 weeks. So tell me how does that compute? Let me step it out for you: You are;

1.learning to care for a new baby,

2. getting to know him/her, bond,

3.learning to breastfeed,

4. adjust to life with a new addition

So having someone help for 2 weeks is enough to do all of that? and we have not even factored in the HEALING that your body will be doing.. and what do we need to heal.. Yep Rest, nourishment, and care.

I get it not all of our partners can stay home for 6 weeks and be with you, they have to work, put food on the table etc etc… and I am not suggesting that (unless they can in which case, yes do it). But what is important is that some thought goes into the support systems you have in place and the planning to ensure your postpartum period meets your postpartum needs.

The Postpartum period is a sacred time for the Newborn Mother. A Newborn Mother is a recently born mother whose strength is asking for help. She acknowledges that the birth of a mother is more intense than childbirth, and that she is as sensitive and vulnerable as her baby. Her heart is wide open and her needs are high. As she nourishes herself she nourishes her children.

We put our intentions in place for our birth and most of us do some form of birth education but what about planning and learning about how to do the same for your postpartum? Its no different and in fact probably requires more education, support and planning. So if you want to feel confident, at ease and experience all the JOY of having your newborn in your arms then I encourage you to do a bit of preparation for your postpartum and learning how to ask for help and know who is in your community who will be apart of your inner circle and support you in your postpartum.

Want to learn about planning for your postpartum? Email for a checklist on planning for your postpartum

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