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What does safety mean to you?

What does safety mean for you? Do you have a space internally that you can access when everything around you seems chaotic or out of your control? What would it look like if you could find that space in any situation?

Safety is a basic human need, for us to be in a healthy nervous system state having a sanctuary or space that we know is safe for us helps us regulate this feeling in times of stress or uncertainty.

Why is this important for birth?

Because birth is an embodiment, a bodily function and process that is a hormonal dance & creative expression. There are external factors that can impact our experience but if we know how to access this safe place within us no matter what is going on around us - we are protected, our nervous system is stable.

Cultivating this during pregnancy is powerful way to own your experience and create a knowing beyond anything that you and your baby are well. It takes work (and if you are knew to this type of connection) a dedication and courage to going deep into what this means for you.

Ultimately we all deserve and can access this space within us.

Want to know how to create and nurture it for your pregnancy and life?

I can help guide you but know the work is yours to do.

For years I didn't know this space within myself. I was flighty, ungrounded, rushing to the pace of life that was dictated to me not by me and my own inner knowing and cycle. I had removed myself from my internal barometer of where all my truths were. They didn't need to be learned, they were all within me. I needed to remember them as I had become accustomed to a lifestyle that had me trying to do all the things that society told me made a successful life, but only from the outside looking in. We hear this far too often about Instagram being the apotome of sharing only what will look good to others and have us feeling a sense of lack every time we scroll or seeing someone else looking like they have it sorted. I have struggled with being present and sharing here - feeling safe here.

The truth is life is always going to give us challenges, they will come in all different shapes and sizes and experiences.

The question is what changes are calling you? What shifts are occurring and how is your view changing or refining through these changes.

We are always getting messages. The silence is where the answers come.

Are you ok with being in silence, being with yourself?

When I began going into the deep places, the dark places and opening space to explore I began noticing the nudges more of what my spirit needed which ultimately serves myself, my family and humanity. I am still new to this and practicing more each day grows a deeper connection to the light and dark parts of me. Knowing why I had disassociated from parts of me have come clearer and clearer and now on this day make more sense to me than ever before. When we do this work it is not with the intention to get the answer to why is this happening as that timeline is no business of ours, but only the work that we are doing as the seeker, the alchemist of our life. I am grateful to see how I got here.

I am working on this every day in my life through breathwork and moving through the discomfort and panic of not feeling safe in my skin and meditation of seeing and filling my heart space with white light coming from the heavens.

I do something similar with my birth clients to create an anchor in your pregnancy and birth that can't be disturbed.

Shared with love by me,

Jen xx


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